X-Men Apocalypse Spoilerific Review


One of the disadvantages of going to see a film a little bit after it comes it out is that you’ve already heard everyone else’s opinion. You go in with at least a small amount of your brain made up. If everyone you trust says it’s shit, you expect it to be shit. If everyone says it’s great, well you get the picture. This can go one of two ways. You either end up cementing that opinion or being pleasantly/horribly surprised. Heads up, this review will contain all the spoilers.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)


When Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars there was, well, a shitload of emotion.  From those loudly proclaiming Star Wars was crap anyway to fans who were terrified that the big mouse was going to ruin the films that they held so dear.  In among all that chaos, one thing became certain.  It was back and was in the process of setting up a film universe to rival Marvel’s current behemoth (another Disney franchise).

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A Most Violent Year

1981 was one of the most violent years in New York’s history.  In a city with the history of New York, that is saying something.  A Most Violent Year brings you into that city.  It depicts a dark, dank place where violence and corruption are such a normal part of day-to-day life, that they are as common to the people involved as they would be shocking to you or me.

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Ex Machina

Making the leap into the directorial chair has scuppered many respected figures within the film industry.  Last year, Wally Pfister made the transition from cinematographer to director with Transcendence, a science fiction film that was universally panned.  This year, we see Alex Garland, the writer of films like 28 Days Later and Sunshine, make a similar jump with his debut directorial feature, Ex Machina.

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The Two Faces of January

If you have recently quit smoking I would stay far away from The Two Faces of January.  Set in the 1960’s, director Hossein Amini obviously decided that alongside the fashion choices of his central characters, the best way to depict the time period was to make sure that every character spent at least 3 quarters of the movie with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth.  Based off of a novel of the same name by Patricia Highsmith (who’s novels have previously provided the base for films like The Talented Mr Ripley) this is a film that oozes style and class, plus a hell of a lot of smoke.

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