Halloween Binge: Halloween

Now that’s a knife.

Last year I sat down and watched every single Nightmare on Elm Street film before splurging my thoughts about them onto the internet. It was an endeavour that went from the dizzying heights of the first film to the genuine surprise of Dream Masters and New Nightmare to the absolute horror of Freddy’s Dead. It was also great fun. So, this year I decided to do the same and delve into another slasher franchise, Halloween. Now, obviously this would have made a lot more sense around a week ago, but there are ten fucking films, so give me a break. (I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but when discussing an entire franchise there will be the occasional titbit dropped.)

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Captain America: Civil War (2016)


It feels only natural that just a few months after DC released their big superhero rumble Marvel should come along with one of their own. For so long DC has been chasing at Marvel’s coattails and attempting to replicate their cinematic world that it is nice to see them doing something first for once. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop Captain America: Civil War from beating Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice at nearly every turn.

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Ant Man

In Marvel’s quest to conquer the universe, Ant Man has been their troubled production.  With the news that Edgar Wright was dropping out three weeks before the start of filming, geekdom was thrown into turmoil as they already begun to lambast the Wrightless film.  Sadly we will never see Wright’s version of one of Marvel’s more unusual superheroes, even though he and Joe Cornish still receive writing credits, and instead are left with Peyton Reed‘s effort.

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