The Listening Booth – Puppy, 7 Year Bitch and King 810

Hello friends, it’s Friday which means you can plug in your headphones and get ready for another stint in The Listening Booth. This week we dive into a duo of debut albums, one from 2019 and one from 1992, before I finish up by talking about King 810 who, if you haven’t heard, really like guns. Sound like fun? Well, read on.

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Creeper w/ Milk Teeth, Energy & Puppy

For all we bemoan a lack of album sales and extortionate ticket prices, there is a build it and they will come mentality in rock and roll. If you can put together a touring bill packed with greats, then the people will be there. Which is exactly what Creeper have done. Only two days after the release of their debut album they stalk in that goth way they do into Glasgow and bring with them one hell of a party.

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Weekly Playlist 19/10/16

Back in the mists of time, I vowed to do a weekly playlist on Ramblings About. However, as these plans tend to do, it fell by the wayside and quite frankly I forgot about it. Until today! Because starting now every Wednesday is going to see me post a Spotify playlist put together by yours truly. It will be a collection of songs old and new that for whatever reason are on my mind that week. For example, this week we have the new single from Creeper alongside the brilliant Kerbdog who couldn’t be left out after their cracking show last week.


Puppy – Vol. II

Every year you will be told that such and such a band sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. Now and then that’s true, I mean I genuinely can’t think of many groups that sound like Babymetal. However, more often than not it’s rubbish. They might sound like two bands you’ve heard before smushed together, but the influences are still there. But while I am not going to tell you that you have never heard anything like Puppy before, I’m going to go out on a limb and say you haven’t heard much like it.

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