NJPW Young Lion Cup (20/9/19) Review

Richards pulls some interesting faces. Credit: NJPW

No offence to those involved, but these matches meant fuck all. Uemura, Coughlin, Tsuji and Richards were playing for pride alone on their final night of Young Lion Cup action, and the main intrigue was whether that would see them drop the intensity.

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NJPW Young Lion Cup (19/9/19) Review

Not Richards’ best photo. Credit: NJPW

I’ve reviewed a lot of tournaments this year and the bit that I always find the hardest is coming up with some shite to put up here. This is me solving that problem by moaning about having to write shite up here in lieu of coming up with something, you’re welcome.

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NJPW Young Lion Cup (10/9/19) Review

Dishing up the Young Lion Special. Credit: NJPW

These Young Lion Cup matches feel like a throwback as NJPW didn’t show them live but has stuck the VOD up without commentary and with a stripped-back production. They used to do this for the G1 and BOSJ, but with the popularity of the brand increasing, they’ve been able to move away from that. Maybe if they get even bigger, the Young Lion Cup can graduate to every match receiving the works.

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