Creed (2016)


Forty years ago Sly Stallone was nominated for an Oscar for playing the role of Rocky Balboa.  At that point, you would have been insane if you’d chosen to bet on him getting a nomination for the same role in 2016.  Here we are, though, and not only has Creed allowed Sly to rediscover his mojo, but it may have dragged the Rocky franchise back from the brink.

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Music and Films

Music is integral to films.  It is one of these facts that you do not always realise until you think about it.  Take your favourite film and remove the music and it will be a completely different experience.  It’s also true that movies have always depicted music in a variety of ways.  Whether that be the ridiculousness of Spinal Tap or the freedom and enjoyment of Good Vibrations, music is a ripe subject area to be plucked and enjoyed.

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