The Nice Guys And Plot


Before we get into this, let’s make it clear that this post will include spoilers for The Nice Guys. Now that is out of the way, let’s go. The Nice Guys reads like a list of Shane Black’s greatest hits. Mismatched buddy cops (although in this case it is a buddy PI and a buddy tough for hire), fast-paced dialogue, jabs at corporate America, plucky young children and an underlying darkness beneath the jokes. There’s even some Christmas. It also has a plot that at some points is completely nonsensical.

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The Big Short (2016)


If someone was to sit you down and request you write a list of directors whom you believed would be likely to direct a film on the 2008 financial crash, how many would you get through before you got to Adam McKay?  The man who created Ron Burgundy may have included a small lecture at the end of The Other Guys about said financial crash, but he would still have been far down most people’s lists.  And yet, here we sit.  The Big Short not only exists but has five Oscar nominations, including Best Director for McKay.  So how did he pull it off?

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