Sausage Party


‘So there’s some food, right?’


‘And it’s like Toy Story, so they are alive, but humans aren’t aware of it.’


‘Except, and this is the really funny bit, they swear and talk about fucking a lot.’


Smoke fills the air, and they giggle.

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Steve Jobs


Making a film about the recently deceased can be difficult.  It can easily descend into a cynical cash grab, taking advantage of people’s sudden need to honour a dead person they didn’t care about much when they were alive.  These biopics are often long, dull and sentimental as they desperately spread their legs towards the Oscars in an attempt to gain critical acclaim.  Steve Jobs somehow manages to dodge this problem.  Directed by Danny Boyle and scripted by Aaron Sorkin it avoids the clichés of the biopic genre and creates something genuinely interesting.

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The Interview

It is fair to say that The Interview has caused a bit of a fuss.  However, hacking scandal and threats of violence aside, there is still a film at the centre of all of that and it has finally seen a release in UK cinemas.  The second film to come from the combination of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the first being This is the End, The Interview once again sees Rogen teaming up with James Franco to try to deliver comic success.

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Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours (or just plan old Neighbours in the US of A) is the latest film to star Seth Rogen, a man who in the last few years has risen to the top of the Hollywood food chain.  However, this is Rogen with a difference.  Rather than the slacker stoner, he is now the married, working man with a kid stoner.  It’s a change that…  Well to be perfectly honest it makes very little difference to the character he plays, except every now and then he looks a bit guilty before he grabs the drugs.

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