NJPW G1 Climax Day 19 (August 13th) Review

No one can avoid their Destino. Credit: NJPW

Here we are. The nineteenth and final show of this year’s G1 and my final review. It’s been one hell of a tournament with umpteen match of the year contenders and a fair few emotional moments. So for one final time (well, until the next wrestling show I review), let’s dish out those stars.

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10 Observations From Sakura Genesis

Warriors. Photo Credit: NJPW

There was a very real danger that Sakura Genesis would get lost in the shuffle. The week after WrestleMania most of us are suffering from wrestling fatigue and it would be easy to decide this was a show you could miss. If that’s a decision you made, then I’m here to tell you to sort your life out. Sakura Genesis put everything WWE did to shame, and New Japan continued to prove themselves the best wrestling company in the world. While this card was far from perfect there wasn’t a true dud to be found and here are ten things that we noticed during this brilliant night of wrestling.

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5 Observations From The New Japan Cup

It’s got to be one hell of a kick to take out that monster.

The New Japan Cup is over for another year and while there were some questionable booking decisions – the inclusion of Guerrillas of Destiny being one of them – it got past its shaky start and ended on a high. It’s set New Japan up nicely for Sakura Genesis and given us a title match that you won’t want to miss. With all that in mind, here are five things we picked up on during the tournament.

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10 Observations From The New Beginning In Osaka

One hell of a main event. Credit: NJPW

My New Japan Pro Wrestling education swung into Osaka on Saturday as they finished off The New Beginning Tour with one hell of a card. While you could argue that a lot of the star power was on the first show, this second card looked like the workers time to shine and the sold out building is a credit to those involved. Now, let’s see what we learnt.

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10 Observations From The New Beginning in Sapporo

This is the first of two New Beginning shows.

After the madness that was Fantastica Mania New Japan gets back onto the serious stuff with The New Beginning in Sapporo, a show that kicked off Suzuki-gun’s invasion of New Japan proper. Even with a second event next weekend this was a stacked card and gave me plenty to think about as I continue my New Japan education.

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