Edinburgh Film Festival Round-Up


The Edinburgh International Film Festival is over for another year and while I didn’t get to go to quite as many films as I would have liked – I am but a poor person after all – I did get along to a handful. One of those I have already talked about (the rather poor Kids In Love) but rather than do individual reviews of the rest I have decided to go for the quick-fire approach. So here’s my thoughts on five films I had the pleasure of watching.

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Guns N’ Roses

The first time I heard the stomp of ‘Paradise City’ was the moment I thought this rock and roll stuff might be for me.  It was a long walk round to cementing that opinion, with a little detour through emo, but it turned out to be a good assumption and the rest of my life was shaped.  Yet, for the last few years, I have not given a shit about Guns ‘N’ Roses.  I have no time for Axl’s crap and while I still listen to the music, Chinese Democracy being the obvious exception because who can be arsed, the idea of them as a live entity held nothing for me.  Because again, who can be arsed?

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Slash – World on Fire

Introducing Slash feels a bit pointless.  If you don’t know who the top hat wearing guitarist is, then you are probably on the wrong blog.  He’s recently released his third solo album, at least his third solo album that just goes under the name, Slash, once again teaming up with Myles Kennedy and  The Conspirators, to give us, World on Fire.

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