NXT Takeover: Respect

NXT Takeover: Respect felt like a strange show going into it.  It was lacking the hype of previous NXT shows.  Despite on paper, looking like it could be fantastic.  It featured two women main eventing an NXT Special for the first time and the conclusion of the Dusty Roads Classic.  Throw in the debuting Asuka and this show should have felt huge.  Thankfully what it lacked in hype, it more than made up for on the day.

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NXT Takeover: Revolution

Slowly but surely, NXT has become one of the best wrestling programs on TV.  Led by Triple H and featuring some of the best young, up and coming wrestlers in the world, it is the future of the WWE.  Or at least it will be, if they don’t fuck it up.  Last night they had their latest Takeover event, Revolution.  These NXT versions of a PPV are some of the best shows WWE has put on this year and last night was no exception.

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