Fear & Loathing IX


Before I go into the nitty-gritty of my thoughts on ICW’s Fear & Loathing IX, I want to make one thing clear. What ICW have achieved is incredible. Their rise from community centre misfits to one of the best wrestling companies in the world will never be repeated, and nothing I say here will change that. I am at the heart of things a fan and Dallas and everyone else involved can be damn proud. However, a  couple of thousand words of me kissing their arse isn’t that exciting so let’s get on with the review.

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Bound for Failure?

So last night, Bound for Glory took place, the supposed jewel in TNA’s PPV calendar and very much their answer to Wrestlemania.  Yet, this year, it didn’t feel special.  In fact it barely registered on the Richter scale.  Unlike my usual look at wrestling events, I am not planning on going through this one match by match, but instead by having a look at exactly where I think TNA went wrong with BFG, this year round.

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