Live Review: The Dillinger Escape Plan w/ Ho99o9 & Primitive Weapons

Enough has been said about Dillinger Escape Plan’s decision to call it a day after this album cycle. Happy about it or not, we have to accept it and move on. Move on to celebrating one of the greatest bands of all time. Dissociation was a fantastic way to start to that process. An album that somehow managed to encapsulate everything that that band is. Now, we move onto the final tour, as Dillinger rolled into Glasgow.

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Top Twenty Albums Of 2016

If 2016 has been a great year for film, it has been a spectacular one for music. Every week seemed to bring another incredible album from musicians both old and new. It also made putting this list together even harder than it normally is but somehow I managed. As usual, it is purely opinion, and you are welcome to tell me I’m wrong but don’t expect me to care.

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The Dillinger Escape Plan

MetallicaSlayerRed Hot Chilli PeppersGreen Day and the list could go on. What do all those bands have in common?

  1. They have had a visible impact on the history of rock music. 
  2. They have gone on way past their sell by date.

Think of it like this, what if Metallica had called it a day after Load and Reload? What if the Chilli Peppers had checked out after Californication? Would Slayer be looked on differently if they’d gone before they got old and how would the punk world view Green Day if they had hung up their guitars before they tried to become U2? If these bands had done those things, how much bigger would their legends be?

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