Brian Fallon – Painkillers

If you’ve been pining for The Gaslight Anthem ever since they announced their hiatus, then you need pine no longer, for Brian Fallon, at least, is back with a solo album that in all honesty, pretty much picks up exactly where Gaslight let off.

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Gaslight Anthem – The B Sides

In the last few years The Gaslight Anthem have been wheedling their way into people’s hearts with their big choruses and Springsteen tinged rock and roll.  Therefore, it’s not really a surprise that there has been a slight cash in on this popularity with the release of The B Sides a collection of, unsurprisingly, B sides.  The question then has to be asked whether this is worthy of inclusion in the Gaslight discography, or like many before them should this be a collection of B side that should have stayed in the vault.

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