Ramblings About’s Top Twenty Albums Of 2017

Why do I get to choose twenty albums when I only do ten films? I have no idea; it’s just the way I do it. I’m not planning on over thinking it because I listened to a lot of new music this year, and most of it was good. Much like my film list, this had to be cut down from around fifty choices, and I’m still not entirely sure I’ve got it right. It’s what I’m going with, though, so let’s get on with it.

As usual, this is all my opinion so don’t bother telling me I’m wrong. I’m also not going to go into great detail because there are twenty of the buggers. I will give you a song to listen to, though. Ain’t that nice?

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The Smith Street Band – More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me

The ability to tell a story through music is an incredible thing. There are millions of bands on the planet, but the number who can sit down, play a song and take you on a journey is much smaller. It’s a talent that turns good songs into masterpieces. It allows you, as the listener, to connect with them in a way that a good riff just can’t do by itself. And it’s a talent that The Smith Street Band have.

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