Weekly Playlist 19/10/16

Back in the mists of time, I vowed to do a weekly playlist on Ramblings About. However, as these plans tend to do, it fell by the wayside and quite frankly I forgot about it. Until today! Because starting now every Wednesday is going to see me post a Spotify playlist put together by yours truly. It will be a collection of songs old and new that for whatever reason are on my mind that week. For example, this week we have the new single from Creeper alongside the brilliant Kerbdog who couldn’t be left out after their cracking show last week.


The Wonder Years w/ Laura Stevenson and Maycomb

I’ve been to countless arena shows over the years, and some of them have been truly spectacular. It doesn’t matter how many I do, though, not one has ever beaten the feeling of packing into a tiny little sweatbox and seeing a great band smash out a fantastic set. Which is why tours like the one The Wonder Years have just finished up round the UK are so special.

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Top 20 Albums of the Year

Today I am going to tell you my top twenty albums of the year, but before I get to that I think it would be remiss of me to not mention the death of Lemmy Kilmister.  There are going to be a thousand people writing a thousand words about Lemmy over the next few days.  Most of whom are in a better place to do so than me.  However, for my two pence, the man was rock and roll.  Few have lived as fast and as loud as Lemmy and none of them have done it until the age of 70.  His blend of punk rock attitude with rock and roll has been influential on everyone who likes to play loud and he will he be missed.  In tribute today, I suggest you play your music a lot louder and live life just that little bit wilder.  Anyway, on with the show.

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The Wonder Years

I have a strange relationship with pop-punk.  It played a big part in my early musical education, but in recent years I’ve viewed it as a stale doughnut of a genre.  I’ll probably have a nibble, just out of interest, but ultimately I’m going to put it down and go and get something a little bit tastier.  Every now and then though band comes along that reminds me just why I spent so many hours listening to this stuff.

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