Throwback: Antonio Honda vs Dick Togo (30/1/11) Review

There was a moment early in this match where Antonio Honda stood up with Togo’s legs trapped in his and paused, just for a second, but long enough that my brain made an assumption. After years of watching his work, I could almost see the silly wee dance we were about to get, a sweetener to make everyone laugh after a serious start to the action. I was wrong. Instead, Honda dropped backwards, wrenching on the hold and making it clear that there will be no jokes in this one.

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AJW Throwback: AJW Classics Episode 9 Review

Dodgy screenshot aside, Dump is raising the badassery levels.

Episode nine of AJW Classics has four matches from the same show as we’re going back to December 12th 1985. There are two big titles showdowns and a retirement to get through, so let’s not waste any more time.

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ROH Throwback: Night of Appreciation (27/4/02) Review

So old-school. Credit: ROH

The third show in ROH’s run was set-up as a night of appreciation for Eddy Guerrero who was already back on WWE TV and had actually won the Intercontinental Title. It’s weird that a company which had three shows to their name was giving someone a big goodbye, but it’s Guerrero, so who are we to argue? Let’s wander back in time to see what happened.

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ROH Throwback: The Round Robin Challenge (30/3/02)

I can only apologise for the long gap between old-school Ring Of Honor reviews. Truthfully, that is going to be the norm. These articles are something I’ll drop back into whenever there isn’t anything else to talk about/when I’m in the mood. I never promised it was going to be a fast history lesson. Anyway, ROH’s second show was based around a pretty simple premise. Low Ki, American Dragon and Christopher Daniels are fucking great. Let’s have them wrestle lots. Sounds good to me.

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