The Revenant (2016)


The Revenant’s gruelling shoot is already crossing over into Hollywood myth and legend.  It endured everything from freezing temperatures to an unusual lack of snow in Canada and saw more than one crew member either walk off the set or be fired.  All to bring us the story of Hugh Glass, (Leonardo DiCaprio) who is buried alive and left for dead by his fellow trappers after he is attacked by a grizzly bear.  Somehow he survives to pull himself out of his grave and give chase, seeking revenge on those that have wronged him.  So the question is, was it all worth it?

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Creating worlds around bad people is a tricky business.  When done well, you get shows like The Sopranos or Breaking Bad.  Filled with unpleasant people, who do bad things and also their families and the crap that they have to deal with in that world.  Importantly though, we are never offered excuses for what they do, but instead just given a glimpse into what motivates them.  When it’s done badly, you get self-aggrandising crap that tries to hide the fact these characters are bastards.  Legend sits somewhere in between.

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