WWE UK Championship Tournament

Nae their bonniest photo.

The UK Championship worried me. It worried me because I saw a future when WWE stepped into the British market and ripped apart something that has taken decades to build. That they would cherry pick the best talent and walk away having added nothing to what they left behind. It wouldn’t be the first time WWE played the big bully. Thankfully, it looks like I was wrong.

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In ten day’s ICW will put on Fear and Loathing VIII at the SECC.  It’s the biggest gate for a British wrestling show since Giant Haystacks fought Big Daddy at Wembley Arena and that alone is one hell of an achievement.  When you consider that there will be no one under the age of eighteen at the show, it is even more impressive.  ICW have set out to prove that if you offer a genuine alternative to the crap we’ve all been being fed for the last few years, the people will come.

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