The Last Guardian

Best friends forever!

The Last Guardian is a difficult game to love. The nine years it took to develop comes out in its many flaws, and you will deal with dodgy frame rates, a camera which makes the one in Dark Souls look genius, clipping, occasionally poor graphics, more than a few bugs and a rather stubborn dog. And yet despite every one of those issues I adore it and particularly said dog.

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Uncharted 4

Nothing to see here.

There’s a moment about three-quarters of the way through V when following a particularly gruelling shootout Nathan Drake and his long-suffering better half Elena stop to engage in some mild bickering about what has come before. Eventually, they sign an uneasy peace and get in the car to drive off elsewhere. What follows is 30 seconds to a minute of Naughty Dog at their best. The music rises and as the beautiful landscape flies past you can sit back and appreciate what they’ve created. It’s the giraffe in The Last Of Us all over again.

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Star Wars Battlefront Beta

I’ve never really gotten along with online first person shooters.  For one thing, being someone who is not actually that good at video games, I tend to spend more time dying than anything else.  While the hook of levelling up that made Call of Duty what it is, has never gotten its claws into me.  However, I do love Star Wars and therefore I was more than willing to forget me misgivings and download the Star Wars Battlefront Beta when it became available last week.

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Far Cry 4

Charging into an enemy base astride an elephant, firing your gun left, right and centre before leaping off, stabbing someone in the neck and claiming it for the Golden Path, the freedom/terrorist movement (depending on where you stand) that you are a part of.  There is no denying that moments like this in Far Cry 4 make you feel awesome and that’s not even a campaign mission or the only way you could go about it.  Want to sit on the hill opposite and snipe, never even being spotted by those in the base.  You can do it.  Want to float in on a hang glider raining grenades from above.  Yup, they’ve got it.  Far Cry 4’s greatest strength comes in moments like this.

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