Wrestler Mixtape: Jushin Thunder Liger

Credit: NJPW

I guess it’s time to throw a token man into my Wrestler Mixtape series. If you’re going to watch one of those menfolk do a wrestle, Jushin Thunder Liger is probably not a bad choice. The Thunder God is one of my favourites and an absolute legend. However, rather than seek out some of the matches that earned him that status, I’ve decided to focus on times where he’s taken a wee trip over to America. Why? Honestly, they’re all on the first page when you put his name into YouTube… sorry, that’s not a very good reason, is it?

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Meltzer’s Classics: Steamboat vs. Flair II, Two Out of Three Falls

Another match, another struggle to find pictures.

If you’ve been reading these reviews, then you’ve probably figured out by now that Ric Flair was quite good at this time. This is the fifth Flair match we’ve covered and his second with Ricky Steamboat. This time the two men go for nearly an hour in a two out of three falls match.

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