The Women’s Revolution Two Years On

Charlotte celebrates her first main roster title win. Credit: WWE

Two years ago today, Charlotte Flair defeated Nikki Bella to win the Diva’s Championship. While it wouldn’t become the Women’s Title till WrestleMania the next year, this was Charlotte’s first reign and was the symbolic end of the Divas. Since then, Charlotte has gone on to become a four-time Raw Women’s Champion and it’s safe to say that on the whole, women’s wrestling in WWE is much better off, but how much better off is it?

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Mae Young Classic Final Review

The big fight. Credit: WWE

The Mae Young Classic comes to an end with the final we all expected. The MMA badass vs the Pirate Princess, in another world this match would be ridiculous. However, for all WWE’s faults, they’ve done a good job of presenting this tournament as a serious proposition, with every wrestler in it to win it. It’s the easiest of things to do, but it makes it all feel so much more important. One final thing before we get to the stars, I’ve (rightly) been harsh on JR and Lita all tournament – and while JR was still awful – Lita wasn’t too bad during this match, so that’s something at least. Let’s dish out those stars.

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The Diva’s Revolution

On Monday night the Raw crowd at the Brooklyn Center turned on the WWE Diva’s segment.  They begun to perform the usual antics of a bored crowd, Mexican waves and unrelated chants.  Yet, only 48 hours beforehand a similar crowd had come unhinged when Bayley pinned Sasha Banks to win the NXT Women’s Title.  So did the crowd change in that 48 hours?  Or does it point to all the ways that the WWE is failing the Diva’s Revolution?  It’s hardly a spoiler to claim it’s the latter.

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