Stardom Goddess of Stars (8/12/19) Review

Credit: Stardom

The build to Korakuen continues with Stardom not only putting Giulia’s debut on this show but backing it up with a good old-fashioned rookie tournament. You know that’s going to be great, right?

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DDT D-Oh Grand Prix (8/12/19) Review

The resigned tap of a man defeated. Credit: DDT

DDT keeps putting things on the undercard that tempt me into watching the matches. First, it was Brookes winning bags of rice. Now it’s Brookes teaming with a child. If you’ve seen his antics in Gatoh Move, you’ll know that’s worth a watch.

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DDT D-Oh Grand Prix (5/12/19) Review

Exposed turnbuckles are not good for the head. Credit: DDT

I’ve been having a lovely time with the D-Oh so far, and it continued in Itabashi with a show that they aired live on YouTube before it took a while to get to On Demand. It’s another shorter card with just four tournament matches, but there are a couple of tasty combos in there, so let’s see what went down.

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