Stardom Throwback: Grow Up Stars (29/5/11) Review

Credit: Stardom

With wrestling slowly coming back to life, the Throwback reviews have gone on the backburner, but I don’t intend to leave them alone entirely. Plus, I’m inching nearer to Stardom hitting an exciting period, so I need to get to that!

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Stardom Throwback: Grow Up Stars (8/5/11) Review

Credit: Stardom

There ain’t a huge amount to say up here. We’re still taking a jaunt through Stardom’s history, but we’re a couple of months from things starting to heat up. Still, it’s been an enjoyable wander so far, so let’s find out if that can continue.

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Stardom Throwback: Osaka 1st RING (3/4/11) Review

Credit: Stardom

For the first time in their history Stardom stepped away from Tokyo and Shinkiba to make their way to Osaka, a city that you could probably call their second home. With a small roster, the chance to go on the road and reach new territories was going to be a pretty essential part of their growth, so let’s see how they did in front of a new audience.

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Stardom Throwback: Birth Of Nova (23/1/2011) Review

Credit: Stardom

Look, this review probably should be of ROH’s Crowning a Champion. However, do you know what Stardom has that ROH doesn’t? A show not headlined by a four-way hour-long Iron Man match, that’s what. So, I’ve decided to dive back into the archive on Stardom World and watch their first-ever outing. I’m not sure if this will become a recurring series, but I had a lot of fun, so don’t be surprised if it does. Enjoy!

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