Sausage Party


‘So there’s some food, right?’


‘And it’s like Toy Story, so they are alive, but humans aren’t aware of it.’


‘Except, and this is the really funny bit, they swear and talk about fucking a lot.’


Smoke fills the air, and they giggle.

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Suicide Squad Spoilerific Review

I don’t feel like there is much to spoil about Suicide Squad, but I make no attempt to keep away from them here.


Oh DC, you are trying so hard and yet you are failing so bad. After the complete shitshow that was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice they’re hitting back with Suicide Squad. A film whose marketing campaign is selling it as a wacky take on the superhero genre where the bad guys are the good guys. Does it work? Well, no.

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X-Men Apocalypse Spoilerific Review


One of the disadvantages of going to see a film a little bit after it comes it out is that you’ve already heard everyone else’s opinion. You go in with at least a small amount of your brain made up. If everyone you trust says it’s shit, you expect it to be shit. If everyone says it’s great, well you get the picture. This can go one of two ways. You either end up cementing that opinion or being pleasantly/horribly surprised. Heads up, this review will contain all the spoilers.

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Spectre (2015)

It all starts so well.  Spectre‘s opening set piece, set in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead had been much hyped before its release and there is a reason for that.  The long tracking shot that kicks things off, followed by a brief fire-fight and a chase through the crowded streets.  Finally, Bond and his enemy battle it out in a tumbling helicopter high above the screaming crowds below.  It’s gorgeously realised and seems to set Spectre up for one hell of a showing.  Sadly, that doesn’t prove to be the case.

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