ChocoProLIVE! Episode Three Ramble

It’s safe to say that there is not much going on in the world of wrestling at the moment. Unless you’re a WWE or AEW fan, your cravings are probably not being met. Thankfully, Emi Sakura and co are here to help because after I raved about the first episode of ChocoProLIVE!, they’ve only gone and got better.

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Ramblings About’s Top Ten Matches of March 2020

Spoiler. Credit: TJPW

March 2020 might be the month the wrestling died, but there was still a remarkable amount of the stuff despite that sad state of affairs. There was certainly more than enough to make up my monthly top ten, and if you’re looking for something to pass the time, well, I guess you better read on because that might not be the case in April.

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