Live Review: Bleed from Within w/ Excellent Cadaver, Perpetua and Exile the Traitor

Bleed From Within are pretty much the top of the food chain when it comes to Scottish metal.  Therefore, their pre-tour show at Edinburgh’s Opium, a venue far too small for the band, should be packed to the rafters.  Sadly, Edinburgh once again fails to deliver and despite it being a Friday night the crowd is noticeably thinned out at the edges.  Thankfully, they don’t seem to let it bother them.

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Weekly Playlist 28/3/2014

This was the playlist from the second week of my show on Radio ENRG, which can be heard most Friday’s at 12.  I will be putting the third week up on Wednesday meaning I’ll be up to date and I can just put the rest up after the actual show I’m playing the playlist on.  I hope you all enjoy.

The songs not on Spotify can be found below.

Dead Harts – Leech

Hey! Hello! – Black Valentine

Palm Reader – Seeing and Believing Are Two Different Things

Defenders of the Faith 4, Glasgow Barrowlands 15/11/2013

Image courtesy of Metal Hammer

Defenders of the Faith is becoming a yearly event that those into heavy metal do not want to miss and once again Metal Hammer magazine have outdone themselves by putting together a bill that is sure to appeal to the masses.  All this meant that when it rolled into Glasgow last Friday night it was always bound to be an occasion.

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