Top 20 Albums of 2013 – Number 15 to Number 11

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Here’s the second part of my albums of the year.  You can find 20 – 16 here.

Number 15 – Nails Abandon All Life

Another very angry album in the form of Abandon All Life which sits in at aroud 15 minutes of pure brutal destruction.  Nails are a group of very pissed off young men and may be the angriest band on the planet at the moment and with the likes of the 42 second blast of sonic rage that is “Tyrant”, they are living up to that moniker with ease.

Number 14 – Bleed From Within – Uprising

As a Scotsman I am maybe slightly biased in that I love seeing a group of young Scottish metal heads making it big.  But I don’t think I stand alone in thinking that Uprising was one of the best straight up metal of the year, with Metal Hammer even presenting the band with the Golden God for Best New Act.  This groove filled banger brings to mind the likes of Lamb of God and is surely just one of the early chapters in what will hopefully be a long career.

Number 13 – Carcass – Surgical Steel

The return of the British grindcore legends was always going to be a big deal, for them to return with an album of this quality makes it all the more special.  Filled with tracks rammed full of aggression and enough riffs to keep us going until next years end of years lists, this album proved that you don’t need to teach the old dogs new tricks, they’re already better than the young ones.

Number 12 – Kvelertak – Meir 

Having released one of the best debut albums of recent years, Norwegian punk and roll merchants Kvelertak had a big task on their hands with the always difficult second album.  Thankfully Meir up to all the expectations.  With an album as catchy as it is heavy they proved that they are here to stay.  While their decision to continue singing in their native tongues shows that they may have more balls than most bands on the market.  Kvelertak will surely continue their rise in 2014 and if your not on board with them yet, you better hurry up.

Number 11 – Palm Reader – Bad Weather

Being a young UK hardcore band at the moment must be tough work.  There are so many great examples of the genre that to stand out requires something special.  Palm Reader have that something special.  With big songs like “Seeing and Believing Are Two Different Things” Palm Reader already feel ahead of the game.  2014 may well be these guys year and the roots of that will start in Bad Weather.


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