While 2016 is setting itself up to be an outstanding year for music, it is also refusing to allow us those dollops of joy without giving us a few swift kicks to the nads as well. From the death of David Bowie to the breaking up of brilliant bands like The Defiled music hasn’t been neglected by the curse of 2016. The latest high-profile casualty appears to be Nails.

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The Joys of Angry Music

There is a common misconception that all heavy music is angry.  Yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.  If I listen to a band like Metallica or Iron Maiden, anger is usually the last thing on my mind.  Yet to many people those bands are the personification of heavy metal.  However, that does not hide the fact that there are some very angry bands out there, who recently I have taken a lot of joy out of spending time listening to.

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Nails w/ Blind To Faith at Classic Grand 13/11/2013

Image courtesy of My phone died so I couldn’t get one.

Blind to Faith apparently don’t play live shows very often.  So to have them on tonight’s bill alongside Nails, who are hitting up the UK for the first time in three years and admit it will probably be another three before they can make it back, just adds to the sense of occasion as the Classic Grand gears itself up for some very very angry men.

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