Nails w/ Blind To Faith at Classic Grand 13/11/2013

Image courtesy of My phone died so I couldn’t get one.

Blind to Faith apparently don’t play live shows very often.  So to have them on tonight’s bill alongside Nails, who are hitting up the UK for the first time in three years and admit it will probably be another three before they can make it back, just adds to the sense of occasion as the Classic Grand gears itself up for some very very angry men.

And Blind to Faith don’t disapoint as they rip through a set of angry angry songs.  There is no playing to the audience for a reaction here and it works perfectly with their blasts of pure hardcore energy.  Part Slayer part Discharge part all those moments of pure pissed off anger makes these guys feel real and if you ever do get a chance to see them live make sure you don’t miss out.

Stumbling into the venue only an hour and a half before you are due on stage, having left California the day before to fly across the Atlantic is probably not the best way to kick off a tour.  However, Nails don’t let it affect them.  Abandon All Life is without a doubt one of the albums of the year with all 18 minutes of it screaming pure unbridled hatred of everything around it.  It’s an attitude that translates to the live show as tracks like “Tyrant” somehow manage to sound angrier and filthier than the did on record.

It’s a bit of a surprise then to see just how grateful vocalist Todd Jones is to be here, as he shows himself to not just be a very pissed off young man, even going so far as to thank the promoter, security and everyone that works at the venue along with all the fans who have come out to make the show so special.  He’s obviously just delighted to be here and his calls to get everyone slam dancing are met with enthusiasm.

With only two albums, neither of which comes in at over twenty minutes, it’s not surprising that this is a very short set with it only being around 40 minutes long.  However, it can’t be called anything but a triumph.  Nails are one of the angriest bands on the planet at the moment and everything they do screams pure hatred, yet it’s such a fucking joy to listen too, explain that one?


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