The Joys of Angry Music

There is a common misconception that all heavy music is angry.  Yet that couldn’t be further from the truth.  If I listen to a band like Metallica or Iron Maiden, anger is usually the last thing on my mind.  Yet to many people those bands are the personification of heavy metal.  However, that does not hide the fact that there are some very angry bands out there, who recently I have taken a lot of joy out of spending time listening to.

This article was inspired by Trap Them and their newest album, the wonderfully titled, Blissfucker.  With a title like that you may be surprised to find out that this is an incredibly angry recording.  As I write I am listening to it and you do begin to question just what has pissed this band off.  It is ugly music that according to their Facebook page is designed for one reason, to annihilate.  Trap Them make the exact kind of music that your old mum used to warn you about and yet I love it.  So why is that the case?

To be perfectly honest I don’t know, but there is just something so satisfying about listening to this album.  I got the same feeling from Brotherhood of the Lake and Nails, both of whom are bands that delve into the same realms of anger that Blissfucker does.  It is music that should be playing as the world ends and it is in many ways exactly what the ‘mainstream’, for lack of a better word, think heavy metal sounds like.  Despite the fact that your average pop fan will never even come close to coming in contact with Trap Them, where as there is there a pretty decent chance they actually know all the words to “Enter Sandman”.

So why do bands like Trap Them catch our imagination?  Is it because we wish to annihilate the world?  I don’t really think so, I can’t say it is a thought I have had much recently.  This music sounds like it should be the soundtrack the apocalypse but I don’t listen to and wish that that was the case.  No I listen to it because it’s fucking good.  Get past all the anger and aggression and these bands are fucking fantastic.  The anger is just a part of something much bigger and to only focus on that anger, which I admit is something I have done in this article, is to miss how bloody brilliant Blissfucker is.

This kind of hateful music has always been a part of heavy metal culture and with bands like Nails  Trap Themit appears to be growing in popularity.  It is also the case that there are a lot of people who don’t understand this stuff and who will be terrified at what their children or friends are listening to.  Yet if that is the case they may be missing the point.  Heavy music is about a lot more than annihilation, despite what Trap Them may say, and is in fact what many people use as a release.  Screaming along to some of these songs is going to be some of the best therapy you will ever have and maybe it is simply the joy that comes from that, that explains this love.

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