While 2016 is setting itself up to be an outstanding year for music, it is also refusing to allow us those dollops of joy without giving us a few swift kicks to the nads as well. From the death of David Bowie to the breaking up of brilliant bands like The Defiled music hasn’t been neglected by the curse of 2016. The latest high-profile casualty appears to be Nails.

Which considering they’ve only recently dropped one of the albums of the year is a real downer. You Will Never Be One Of Us is the nastiest piece of music I’ve heard in a long time and the twenty odd minutes it takes to penetrate your brain will leave you lying on the floor in a puddle of your sweat begging for mercy. To have a band like that decide to call it a day is just shit.

To be fair, we don’t know exactly what is going on with Nails. The most recent news is that they’ve cancelled all their upcoming shows and are going on ‘hiatus’. However, the suddenness of that news and the way it has been released doesn’t exactly look good for their future. As of this moment, there has been no announcement via any of their social media platforms and the band are strangely silent.

Something that makes talking about their demise tough. It’s not like other groups who have said goodbye this year for financial reasons. Well, it might be, but we don’t know. From the outside looking in Nails appeared to be on the up. The last few months has seen this destructive force of anger pop up in Rolling Stone and The Guardian, which can’t be said for any of their peers. For all I know, it’s entirely for personal reasons.

Whatever that reason and whether it be that Nails are going on hiatus for a year or so or are bowing out, it’s a damn shame. The scene they come from has some truly outstanding bands but they in many ways have stepped up as the standard bearers. Personally, I’m not that big an extreme metal fan, but their particular brand of chaos has had me hooked for their last couple of albums.

No matter why this hiatus has come about the message still stays the same, though. Go out and support your favourite bands. Buy a t-shirt, maybe even a CD if you can convince yourself that music has some monetary value and go and see them at a show. Because the world needs bands like Nails and the more you support them, the more of those bands we get. What the future holds for them is impossible to say but in the here and now they will be missed. Now if 2016 could keep up more of the great music and less of the shit that would be great, thanks.

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