WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Review

This is a fantastic photo. Credit: WWE

The last stop (before the next one) on the Road to the Showcase of the Immortals… or something like that. I forget all of WWE’s buzzwords. It was all going to be very historic, though. We know they like that.

Sorry, I’m going snarky right off the bat. I actually like Elimination Chamber matches, they tend to be quite good. It’s just a shame about the rest of the card. Let’s dish out some stars.

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WWE SummerSlam (20/8/17) Review

Braun smash! Credit: WWE

My God, that was long. I watched three wrestling shows over the weekend (TakeOver and ROH’s show in Edinburgh being the other two), and I could have watched both of those again in the time that it took me to watch all of Summerslam and its pre-show. But, I survived and have come out the other end a wiser and more cynical man. Let’s hand out some stars.

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10 Observations From Great Balls Of Fire

Should we be worried about the colour Brock’s face turns? Credit: WWE

Great Balls of Fire, a show name so ridiculous that we’re still waiting for the punchline. Yet, despite that (and posters that look suspiciously like a penis) this may be the best build to a WWE show since the brand split. Samoa Joe has suddenly found his feet on the main roster, and there are hints of interesting programs throughout the entire card. It’s just possible, this could be a good show. So here are ten observations fromĀ Great Balls Of Fire.

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