WWE TLC Review

Papa Angle joins his young charges. Credit: WWE

I was dreading TLC. The combination of a pumpkin vs Norman Bates, a powerpoint presentation and a stupid main event didn’t do much for me. Then illness hit WWE (get better soon everyone), and it got interesting. Suddenly, two former leaders of The Bullet Club were going head to head. There was still a lot wrong with this card, but at least I now wanted to watch it. Let’s dish out some stars.

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WWE’s Cruiserweight Problem

A lot of work is needed before that belt means something.

The Cruiserweight Classic was brilliant. It not only had match after match of astounding quality but it told stories. From TJ Perkins beating the odds to Jack Gallagher becoming a star. It felt like the start of something special.

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Hell in a Cell

The Queen arrives.

Hell in a Cell. Four words that if WWE had their way would send shivers down your spine. It’s meant to be the ultimate feud ender. The one that leaves its participants broken, beaten and begging for psychiatric help; which is why holding a yearly event based around the theme feels weird. We’ll ignore that, though, and instead get on with our review of Raw’s latest PPV.

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