NJPW Power Struggle (2/11/18) Review

EVIL’s walls came crashing down. Credit: NJPW

After a decent, if unspectacular, Super Junior Tag League, New Japan rolled into their final major show of the year, Power Struggle. They’ve put together one hell of a card too, as it’s one of the strongest collections of matches you’re likely to see without the Heavyweight Title being defended. With a section of the NJPW fanbase in a bit of a grump recently, this might be what they need to turn the mood around.

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NJPW Super Junior Tag League (20/10/18) Review

I love SHO’s Germans. Credit: NJPW

Night four of Super Junior Tag League was another pre-tape filmed on a single hard cam with a roaming camera on the floor to catch entrances/dives, so perhaps don’t expect the spectacular. In saying that, these two matches are a bit more attractive than the previous day’s, so you’d be forgiven for expecting something good.

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King Of Pro Wrestling 2018 Review

Kota is pissed. Credit: NJPW

There are rumblings of discontent in the New Japan stratosphere. Triple Threats, Gaijin champions and a worry that creative is struggling to get the most out of certain stars (*cough* LIJ *cough*). However, if there’s one thing NJPW does well, it is big events, and King Of Pro Wrestling is one of their biggest. Could this be the moment they get everyone back onside? Let’s find out.

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