NJPW Super Junior Tag League (20/10/18) Review

I love SHO’s Germans. Credit: NJPW

Night four of Super Junior Tag League was another pre-tape filmed on a single hard cam with a roaming camera on the floor to catch entrances/dives, so perhaps don’t expect the spectacular. In saying that, these two matches are a bit more attractive than the previous day’s, so you’d be forgiven for expecting something good.

Time Machine (KUSHIDA and Chris Sabin) (1-2) defeated Volador Jr. and Soberano Jr. (1-2)

Soberano Jr. has a bag full of cool Lucha tricks which will never fail to make me smile. When he got into the ring with KUSHIDA, he almost seemed to be unleashed, as his talented opponent allowed him to start showing off what he can do.

This match served as perhaps the first time in the tournament that Volador and Soberano were cut loose. They’re ridiculously talented athletes who do incredible things in the ring. Working with Sabin and KUSHI allowed them to do more than matches with Liger and Tiger or Taguchi ever would.

Not that it helped them much as Sabin and KUSHIDA put them away with a Neckbreaker/Moonsault combo (which interestingly saw Sabin make the cover). For its placing on a small show, this was an enjoyable match.

Verdict: Three Stars

Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) (2-1) defeated The Firing Squad (Taiji Ishimori and Robbie Eagles) (2-1)

SHO and YOH are over everywhere they go. Who would have thought two talented guys who look good could be great babyfaces?

Despite that, it’s quite hard to get enthused about these matches. They’re just there. Robbie Eagles put in a decent shift here. There was some overselling of his leg after a YOH Dragon Screw Leg Whip, but on the whole, I’m enjoying the chemistry he and Ishimori are building. They play the technical flyer role well, and I’d have zero problems with it becoming a regular thing.

Roppongi 3K picked up the win as the tournament remains relatively even. With the single group format, it makes sense to keep it tight and not allow anyone to run away with proceedings, but I hope New Japan doesn’t get caught up in keeping things even. There are teams here that can lose, so let them. Anyway, there was a match, wasn’t there? Yea, it was good.

Verdict: Three Stars

Overall Show

I sound negative, but these mini shows are watchable. None of these matches stunk, and they zip past. It’s just that there isn’t much in the way of analysis to be done. It’s solid back and forth match after solid back and forth match. Enjoy them, just don’t expect them to blow your mind.

Watch Super Junior Tag League: https://njpwworld.com/

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