NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku (24/4/18) Review

That will hurt. Credit: NJPW

In a lot of ways, this card is a mirror image of the one from the night before. While the matches have had a few tweaks, they’re hitting the same storyline beats, and in reality, it’s all about the main event – or at least it was. Because then they only went and added Ishii vs Henare. I’ve been calling for that since Tag League, suddenly, I’m quite excited.

Quick note: I’m going to change things up slightly and replace the pictures with NJPW’s post-match interviews. They’re an important part of the company’s storytelling, so it seems fitting.

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NJPW Road To Wrestling Dontaku 23/4/18 Review

I like this move. Credit: NJPW

After a short break, New Japan is back with a long old tour. With business being up, those in charge have realised that rather than selling out one super card, they can instead sell out multiple decent ones. That’s how we end up with the Junior Tag Titles main eventing. Not that we should complain too much, we all love wrestling, right? More of it can only be a good thing.

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NJPW Sakura Genesis 2018 Review

Zack really wanted a cold beer. Credit: NJPW

It’s a busy time for New Japan. When the New Japan Cup came to an end, they headed straight to America for Strong Style Evolved and now they’re back in Japan for Sakura Genesis. There is no rest for the wrestlers. Let’s not complain, because Sakura Genesis sees Zack Sabre Jr step into the main event and the latest chapter in the Scurll vs Ospreay feud. The Brits are taking over! Let’s dish out some stars.

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NJPW Strong Style Evolved Review

Bullet Club is not fine. Credit: NJPW

New Japan Pro Wrestling has made its way back to America with a card that, if we’re honest, lacks the sparkle of last year’s G1 Special. However, there’s still a handful of matches that have the potential to shine. So much so that I’m willing to spend a couple of hours in the company of Josh Barnett and JR. Let’s dish out some stars.

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NJPW New Japan Cup Night Seven (16/3/18) Review

He’s not dead yet. Credit: NJPW

We’re into the semi-finals of the New Japan Cup which means the undercard gets longer and the main event means a lot more. There is a definite underdog vibe to Night Seven, as Juice Robinson goes up against the Ace. It’s the latest step in his rise from WWE jobber to New Japan star, and you’d be daft to bet against him proving his right to be there. Let’s dish out some stars.

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NJPW New Japan Cup Night Six (15/3/18) Review

Let’s be best friends forever. Credit: NJPW

Our second batch of quarterfinals provided a lovely looking main event as Ibushi and Zack Sabre Jr found themselves drawn together. We’ve also got Yano vs Sanada which, yea, well, it will be something. The undercard isn’t quite as exciting as it looks pretty familiar to anyone who has been following the tour, but we’ll battle through. Let’s dish out some stars.

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