Hail, Caesar! (2016)


Hail, Caesar! takes you back to the golden era of Hollywood and much like that time, revels in the ridiculous. The Cohen’s latest film has been sold as a screwball comedy, but in reality, it is an almost historical pastiche of an era where everything had to bigger and louder than what had come before. When the movie industry tackled Jesus and tap-dancing sailors rather than superheroes and Liam Neeson punching foreign people.

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Foxcatcher is a film that gives a lot of people a chance to shine.  A look at the lives of David and Mark Schultz, both of whom were Olympic amateur wrestlers and John E. Du Pont, an American millionaire and wrestling fan who runs Foxcatcher Farms on his mansion estate and wishes for it to be the headquarters of the USA’s wrestling program.  It’s a true life story and one that I shall not spoil for those of you that are unaware of its outcome, needless to say, there is a reason it has made its way onto film.

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The Book of Life

It’s been a mixed year for animated films.  On one hand we have had the brilliant Lego Movie and the wonderfully dirty Box Trolls.  On the other hand, there has been a lot of crap.  Films like The Postman Pat movie seemed to fail on nearly every level.  The latest fighter to enter the fray is The Book of Life, a film, which at least on paper due to the involvement (as a producer) of Guillermo Del Toro, looks set to be a prize fighter.

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