Mae Young Classic 2018 Episode 6 Review

WWE Photo
So happy! Credit: WWE

Round two of the Mae Young Classic is coming to an end just a week after it started. Feels a bit quick, doesn’t it? Guess that’s what happens when you shove four matches into an hour. If WWE had spread this out a bit more, these women could have really shone. Anyway, I shouldn’t moan, I’ve enjoyed this tournament, and I’m already late with this review.

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Mae Young Classic 2018 Episode 2 Review

WWE Photo
Tuck that chin. Credit: WWE

After an enjoyable first episode topped off by a great main event from Meiko Satomura and Killer Kelly, I went into the second week of the Mae Young Classic with elevated expectations. I am quietly confident that this is going to be a fun tournament, so let’s see if they can prove me right.

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RevPro Live At The Cockpit 24 Review

Not a bad main event to kick the year off with. Credit: RevPro

RevPro’s first show of 2018 took them back to The Cockpit for the start of┬átheir women’s title tournament. A card full of exciting women’s matches was further proof (as if it was needed) that it’s ridiculous for most companies to continue to treat them like a box to tick rather than an essential part of the show (something that RevPro themselves are guilty of). We can only hope they learn from this. Let’s dish out some stars.

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