Ramblings About’s Top Twenty Films of 2019

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Round two of my end of year round-up is my twenty favourite films of the year. Cinema is a weird one. If you are to believe certain corners of the internet then it’s a dead artform, overrun by superheroes and the flogging of shite franchises. However, there is an incredible array of films being released every year, and with just a bit of effort, you can see them all! Here’s the twenty that blew me away in 2019.

Quick note to say that this list is based off films that got a wide release (be that on streaming services or in cinemas) in the UK in 2019.

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Eddie The Eagle (2016)


Eddie The Eagle is a classic British legend. A man who went to the Olympics and was a bit rubbish and off the back of that became a national hero. It taps into that British love of a trier, and you can bet that most people would think of him long before they got round to actually successful Olympians. It is strange then that it has taken this long for his story to reach the big screen.

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