Money Monster (2016)


Around two-thirds of the way into Money Monster it is tough to see where it is going to go next. Until that point, it has been a tight thriller all set within the confines of one studio. However, it becomes apparent that that portion of the film has lost steam and that something new has to be added. When it does come to be it loses everything that has made the film work and drops the whole thing into the ridiculous.

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Hail, Caesar! (2016)


Hail, Caesar! takes you back to the golden era of Hollywood and much like that time, revels in the ridiculous. The Cohen’s latest film has been sold as a screwball comedy, but in reality, it is an almost historical pastiche of an era where everything had to bigger and louder than what had come before. When the movie industry tackled Jesus and tap-dancing sailors rather than superheroes and Liam Neeson punching foreign people.

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Taking a Risk: Tomorrowland

There are plenty of films out there that just do the bare minimum.  That doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad, but they play to an audience that they know exists and whether they are good or not, there is a decent chance they will find that audience.  However, every now and then a film comes along that tries something a bit different and is full of big ideas.  Quite often these films don’t quite work and something is a bit off about them.  However, should these films not be celebrated over even the better of the safe films?  Movies that go for broke and don’t quite make it are surely more exciting than movies that play be all the rules?

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Image courtesy of Gravity

As the end of the year approaches and we look back over it and discuss various end of year lists, Alfonso Curan’s Gravity will surely sit at the top of the ‘most hyped’ list.  In the last few months it has been seemingly impossible to stay away from trailers and posters of Sandra Bullock and George Clooney facing the great beyond.  Even it’s eventual release has done little to stop the onslaught with it being labelled far and wide with hyperbole like film of the decade/year/ever.  Taking that all into account if it manages to live up to such hype it must surely be something special.

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