The Listening Booth – Her Name Is Calla, Royal Republic and Camden Rocks

Hello friends, welcome to The Listening Booth where I dive into what I’ve been putting in my ears over the last week. This time around, we have a potential modern classic followed up by something completely different, but still a lot of fun. I’m then going to finish up by having another blab about a festival I went to, so look forward to that.

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Weekly Playlist 23/11/16

With a new Metallica album out it seems only fitting that this week’s playlist kicks off with ‘Moth Into Flame.’ However, they weren’t the only band to release an album last week, and we also have a track from Petrol Girls which you can listen to while reading our review of their debut album. We then mellow out with some Pink Floyd, hit up our weekly Ginger Wildheart pick and finish up with the two punch of Frank Turner and Creeper. Nae too shabby even if we do say so ourselves.

Ginger Wildheart w/ Ryan Hamilton and Massive Wagons in Glasgow and Aberdeen

There’s something special about a Ginger Wildheart tour and his most recent run around the country feels more special than most. Having had to cancel the Hey! Hello! tour twice, once because of Ginger going into the hospital due to his battles with depression and once because of Hollis leaving the band, it is a pleasure to see the great man on stage enjoying himself after a while away. Throw in the reunions that have happened with Danny McCormack at a couple of the shows and the whole thing has an even bigger party vibe than usual.

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Gene Simmons

The sun will rise, the tides will change, Arsenal’s Premier League campaign will fall apart in January and Gene Simmons will open his big fat mouth, and shit will spew out. These are the facts of life. This week Simmons has decided to outshine the other three however by commenting on the passing of Prince, describing his death at ‘pathetic.’ A claim which led bandmate Paul Stanley to say he was ’embarrassed’ by the comments.

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Welcome to the PHUQing future

There’s a certain frustration to watching The Wildhearts.  Not because of the band themselves, but because of what should have been.  That blend of Metallica‘s riffs and Cheap Trick‘s hooks could have been the biggest thing to come out of the UK in the 90’s.  Christ, I’ve lost count of the number of bands that have borrowed/stolen from them.  And yet, record company uselessness and personal implosions meant that the best alternative rock band we have, never quite reached their potential.

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Camden Rocks 2015

Camden has long been a musical hot spot.  Whether it’s Britpop or punk rock, it’s been key to more than one musical revolution.  So a one day festival encompassing a whole host of venues makes perfect sense.  Enter Camden Rocks, which features over two hundred bands, ranging from Bullet for My Valentine to competition winners.  There was also beer, oh so much beer.

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A Look at Music Venues Via Ginger Wildheart

Sometimes I sit down to write a review and realise that there is probably not much point.  Today was one of those days.  On Sunday night I went to see Ginger Wildheart in Glasgow and had a rather fantastic night.  However, me writing about how awesome Ginger is seems a bit pointless.  If you wish to know my opinion on the man and his music you can find it here, here and here, as well as a few other places if you want to delve a bit deeper.  I’m a huge Ginger fan and therefore repeating myself is now going to be that interesting.  Of course it was awesome, he’s always awesome.

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