Gene Simmons

The sun will rise, the tides will change, Arsenal’s Premier League campaign will fall apart in January and Gene Simmons will open his big fat mouth, and shit will spew out. These are the facts of life. This week Simmons has decided to outshine the other three however by commenting on the passing of Prince, describing his death at ‘pathetic.’ A claim which led bandmate Paul Stanley to say he was ’embarrassed’ by the comments.

While Simmons has since come out and apologised – saying ‘I just got shit from my family for my big mouth again – this is hardly the first time the Kiss bassist has said similar things. A couple of years back he proclaimed that those with depression should just kill themselves. Comments which prompted victims of that disease like Ginger Wildheart to call him a ‘fucking cock.’

The problem is that no matter who calls Gene out for his actions, there appear to be no consequences to them. He just sits back on his massive mountain of money and jerks himself off as he talks about all the women he has slept with. These are hardly lone examples. The man has shown time and time again that he is a contemptible human being and yet we keep giving him a platform.

This can be linked back to the Phil Anselmo affair from earlier this year. There is a recurring theme in the rock world where we condemn our heroes actions and then go on to seemingly forget all about them. Then, a few months later when they inevitably let us down again, we seem surprised that they haven’t changed.

Now I don’t have to sell magazines, and I am aware that a man like Simmons does exactly that. He’s a story and one that is easy to plumb. Ask the man a question and he’ll inevitably give you something controversial. However, there has to be a stage where enough is enough. The man makes a mockery of a scene which claims to be about brotherhood. He confirms all those suspicions that the mainstream world has held about us for years. The longer we let him embarrass us – and give him the platform to do it – the worse he will get. It’s time to put Gene out to pasture so that we never have to hear his disgusting opinions again.

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