Gene Simmons

The sun will rise, the tides will change, Arsenal’s Premier League campaign will fall apart in January and Gene Simmons will open his big fat mouth, and shit will spew out. These are the facts of life. This week Simmons has decided to outshine the other three however by commenting on the passing of Prince, describing his death at ‘pathetic.’ A claim which led bandmate Paul Stanley to say he was ’embarrassed’ by the comments.

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I’m a bit behind the rest of the world but today I figured I’d throw my two pence into the whole Phil Anselmo debate.  When I say debate, what I really mean is I am going to agree with everyone else.  YES, Pantera are one of the greatest bands of all time.  YES, Anselmo was a big part of that.  YES, he has since gone on to be in some other brilliant bands.  YES, he is also a massive racist cunt.

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Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegal’s – Walk Through Exits Only

The words Phil Anselmo and extreme metal are probably enough to have any right minded metal fan excited.   Well that’s exactly what Walk Through Exits Only is and it’s full of a apparently very pissed off Philip H. Anselmo (as he is now apparently known) teaming up with his band The Illegal’s to release an album chock full of heavy as fuck metal.

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