Ramblings About’s Top Twenty Films Of 2018

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With albums done and dusted, it’s time for the films to step up. In the past, I’ve only done ten of these, but I’ve decided to go twenty across the board this year which has allowed me to talk about even more lovely pieces of cinema! Perhaps because of that, this feels like the most eclectic list I’ve ever put together. We’ve got blockbusters, musicals, animation and enough coming of age stories to bring us all safely through puberty. This list is based on UK cinematic release dates, hence the inclusion of films which came out last year in America. Let’s get to it.

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Halloween Binge: Friday The 13th

I never want to see that title again.

Over the last few years, I have been establishing a tradition. Every Halloween I pick one horror franchise and watch it from start to finish. Two years ago I did Nightmare on Elm Street and I followed that up last year with Halloween. So, to knock out the slasher hat-trick, there was only one place to go in 2017, Camp Crystal Lake for a date on Friday The 13th. It was a challenge that I quickly regretted taking up.

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Halloween Binge: Halloween

Now that’s a knife.

Last year I sat down and watched every single Nightmare on Elm Street film before splurging my thoughts about them onto the internet. It was an endeavour that went from the dizzying heights of the first film to the genuine surprise of Dream Masters and New Nightmare to the absolute horror of Freddy’s Dead. It was also great fun. So, this year I decided to do the same and delve into another slasher franchise, Halloween. Now, obviously this would have made a lot more sense around a week ago, but there are ten fucking films, so give me a break. (I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but when discussing an entire franchise there will be the occasional titbit dropped.)

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[REC] (2007)

This review is the start of a change for Ramblings About… It will see us moving away from keeping up with the newest releases and instead focusing on writing about cool things. While we are not completely ditching the new (I’ll probably still get excited about Star Wars’ films and try and write about the things that don’t get as much attention) it will serve as a template for what I look at going forward. Enjoy!

Happy Angela.

‘You know how people like zombies?’


‘And that whole found footage thing is big too?’

‘Damn right it is.’

‘Well – and this will blow your mind – why don’t we meld the two together?’

‘Give this man some money.’

It would be so easy to believe that was the conversation that led to [REC] and its subsequent sequels. Taking two popular things and melding them together is money making 101. Which is why [REC] is so refreshing, because it’s not that. In fact, it could hardly be further from that.

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