NJPW World Tag League (5/12/19) Review

Playing with their food. Credit: NJPW

For the last three shows, World Tag League has gone back to being live while Gino and Double K have decided to turn up for the first time. Where were they on the cold night that was show 6,392? Anyway, nice to have them on board as we’re finally heading home.

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NJPW World Tag League (3/12/19) Review

Koji dishing out chops for everyone. Credit: NJPW

We’re definitely in the home stretch now. After this, there are only three shows left, and as New Japan have made the interesting decision not to have a final, we’ll know our winner on Sunday. Who is still in contention? Honestly, I don’t have a fucking club, but maybe I’ll try and work it out as we go along.

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NJPW World Tag League (24/11/19) Review

The totally fresh match-up that we’ve all been screaming for. Credit: NJPW

Tag League trundled on into Aichi with FinJuice, CHAOS and LIJ proving themselves the early contenders. I don’t think there are any surprises there? GOD dropping a couple of falls is a slight shock, but even that doesn’t blow my mind. The champs don’t need to win, do they? Anyway, as I explained in my previous review, unless something incredible happens (in this use of the word, incredible means a good match) I’m keeping these short.

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