Stardom High Speed Grand Prix (11/2/20) Review

Credit: Stardom

Stardom recently rocked up in Osaka for one of their two-show days which brought with it another trio of High Speed Grand Prix matches. While this tournament has almost trundled along in the background of Stardom’s usual offering, it hasn’t stopped me enjoying it, so let’s see if the speedy goodness continued.

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Stardom 9th Anniversary In Osaka (26/1/20) Review

Time to say goodbye. Credit: Stardom

Gosh, this came around quickly, didn’t it? It’s time for Kagetsu’s final Stardom match. While she’s doing a wee retirement tour around various joshi companies before facing off with her trainer Meiko Satomura one more time, it already feels like things are coming to an end. She certainly couldn’t have picked a better trio of wrestlers to say goodbye with, that’s for sure, as she and Mayu go up against Jungle and Momo in one hell of a main event. I could try and tease the idea of whether it delivered or not, but I suspect you know the answer.

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Stardom High Speed Grand Prix (11-12/1/20) Review

Credit: Stardom

Stardom has decided to blow away the January blues with a little tournament. The High Speed Grand Prix is a five-person round-robin where the two people with the most points will face-off in the final with the winner challenging for Riho’s title. It seemed like the perfect slab of wrestling to follow along with, and the three matches reviewed below came from the two Osaka shows on January 11th plus the Shizuoka show from the 12th.

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