The Hallow (2015)


Putting two people in a cabin, dropping them into the woods and then turning it into a film worth seeing in 2015 is a hard job.  The cabin in the wood genre has been done to death and unless you are offering up a comic or intelligent alternative, the odds are any attempt to get it out there will end up dropping straight onto DVD.  The Hallow is far too good for such a fate.  Directed by first-time director and horror fanatic Corin Hardy, it is a creepy monster film that points towards one hell of  future.

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Until Dawn

Films vs games. It’s a discussion that never seems to go away. Whether it is Hollywood’s feeble attempts to convert some of our greatest games into cinema or gaming’s wish to be like its more glamorous cousin. The two seem to be unable to leave each other alone. Which brings us nicely to Until Dawn, a teen slasher masquerading as a video game.

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The Visit

Horror and comedy are often dismissed as easy genres.  Every year a plethora of films populated by jump scares and jokes about dicks are packaged up and inflicted on the public.  They’re also inevitably crap.  The truth is to make a horror film or a comic film is just as hard as making a sweeping war epic.  To combine the two, is arguably even harder.

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It Follows

The problem with most horror films, is that they are not actually that scary.  Oh sure, they’ll make you jump and even maybe have the easily scared scream, but the second the jump is gone, the fear is gone as well.  It’s what a few people have described as cattle prod cinema and quite frankly most of us are bored with it.

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