Money Monster (2016)


Around two-thirds of the way into Money Monster it is tough to see where it is going to go next. Until that point, it has been a tight thriller all set within the confines of one studio. However, it becomes apparent that that portion of the film has lost steam and that something new has to be added. When it does come to be it loses everything that has made the film work and drops the whole thing into the ridiculous.

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Any listeners to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s weekly film show, Wittertainment as it has affectionately become known, will be aware of a long running joke about films that aren’t actually about what they appear to be about.  The classic example of this, at least in Mark Kermode’s opinion, is Jaws, which he proclaims is not about the shark, but actually about infidelity.  The most recent addition to this ‘genre’ is ’71, a film set in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, but which despite this, is really not about the Troubles themselves.

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