BJW World Is Not Enough (30/12/19) Ramble

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I’m in Tokyo! A fact that still seems unbelievable despite being very much the truth. That means all the usual reviews will be delayed (I’m going to try and get some stuff up, including my match of the year list, over the next few days), but that I have other stuff to ramble about. To kick that off, I went to Korakuen Hall yesterday for my first live Japanese wrestling show and damn, did I have a good time. This won’t be a standard review. I wasn’t taking notes and had a few drinks, but will instead be a rumination of what it was like to go to Korakuen and watch Big Japan.

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Meltzer’s Classics: Jaguar Yokota vs. Lioness Asuka, 22/8/85

It’s safe to say that Jaguar Yokota was cool as fuck.

After the discovery of a whole bunch of 5-star matches that we missed the first time around, Meltzer’s Classics has now dived back into 1985 and to the regular setting of Japan. This is our first women’s match to feature on the list as Jaguar Yokota defends her WWWA Championship against Lioness Asuka. Being honest, I hadn’t heard of either of these women, but a bit of research tells me that they are highly respected in Japan, if not in the West.

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Jushin Thunder Liger

Things did not look good for Liger.

Jushin Thunder Liger has always been a mystery to me. Growing up I never watched WCW, and I’ve only got into Japanese wrestling in the last six months. Liger, therefore, was a distant God. Someone who I caught glimpses of but who was shrouded in mystery beneath his mask. I respected his obvious talent, and I was sure there was a reason he was as loved as he was, but on an emotional level he was locked away under that full body suit. Cold and untouchable. That is until the last few weeks.

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Crossfaith – Apocalyze

Japan and rock and roll have always gone together.  Whether it be Deep Purple’s famous Live in Japan album or Motley Crue going over there and causing chaos, the two have always shared some common ground.  Therefore, it seems wrong that very few Japanese bands have ever made it big over this side of the world.  This is an issue that Crossfaith are trying to rectify.  Already building up a reputation for their incendiary live shows they have now released what is actually their third album, Apocalyze, but is sure to be their biggest.

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