Crossfaith – Apocalyze

Japan and rock and roll have always gone together.  Whether it be Deep Purple’s famous Live in Japan album or Motley Crue going over there and causing chaos, the two have always shared some common ground.  Therefore, it seems wrong that very few Japanese bands have ever made it big over this side of the world.  This is an issue that Crossfaith are trying to rectify.  Already building up a reputation for their incendiary live shows they have now released what is actually their third album, Apocalyze, but is sure to be their biggest.

Crossfaith’s music is essentially what The Prodigy would sound like if they’d embraced their metal side a bit more.  This is music as likely to fill a dance floor as it is a open a pit and I think in that it’s got it greatest strengths as well as its greatest weaknesses.  You see this album screams live show to me.  I want to hear tracks like “Eclipse” and “Gala Hal (Burn Down The Floor)” live.  I don’t however care about listening to them at home, this is the approach I generally have to dance music and it carries over even when you add unclean vocals.

That’s not to say you should completely avoid this album.  If you love electronic music I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t love this.  It is full of huge sounding tracks with big choruses and massive breakdowns, to be honest I don’t really understand why I don’t love it, because on paper that sounds awesome.  I genuinely think this is down to taste and there are moments I really like here.  “Scarlett” is very Bring Me The Horizon at times and “Countdown To  Hell” which is a more straight up heavy metal track is probably one of my favourites moments on the album.

This album is full of songs that genuinely sound like they could inspire chaos live.  Because of that I can’t see Crossfaith going anywhere but to the top.  Sadly it’s just not to my own taste, it’s nothing personal and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is into this kind of stuff.  I am also going to be going to see them live, supporting Limp Bizkit, next year and I’m really looking forward to it, so stay tuned to find out if they manage to convert me.

For Fans of: Prodigy, Bring Me The Horizon

Choice Cuts: “Scarlett”, “Countdown To Hell”


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